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New Ranges

Our new Range was born from a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, not only in servicing and repairs of most makes and models of Frying Ranges, but also taking note of the best and worst features in different ranges and the most reliable components. We also paid attention to what our customers were saying - their likes and dislikes, good experiences and bad experiences with respect to performance, reliability, quality of build as well as the overall operating efficiency of their Fryer Range.

Consequently, after years of accumulating this knowledge we decided to select the best features including new ideas of our own to produce and manufacture our own unique Range; using the most reliable components. In addition we incorporate requests/suggestions from the customer and effectively the result is the Perfect Range for their purpose unique only to them.

Some of our Special Features

  • Our filter system is simple to use and filters to the highest possible standard. It is not just a bag or gimmick, it really does the job!
  • Our Burners are not just 'High Efficiency'; they are 'Ultimate Efficiency' and in turn do not compromise the fat (e.g. the fat will remain bright).
  • We can also incorporate Refrigerated Top Cabinet displays
  • Controls are simple to use.
  • Build Quality - Solid and Reliable, with all the 'mod cons' and more.
  • Design - it's your Range, have it your way!
New Ranges

Built in Scotland with Pride

Scotrange - Quality comes as standard.

No high pressure sales team. Sold, Installed and Maintained by Qualified Experienced Frying Range Engineers!

Examples of Our Work